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I am frequently amazed at peoples' ability to take rather innocuous terms like "marriage" and "sexuality," and toss the word "Biblical" in front... (As if this has any relevance--except to turn one's personal beliefs into dogma.) One need not question "the authority of Scripture" to understand that one's personal interpretation of it is extremely subjective and open to err. (Remember when inter-racial marriage was "un-Biblical?")
I am elated that my best friend now has the same right to marry I always have, but I don't need you to celebrate with me. My only advice is: A God continuously "threatened" by social reform/ pluralism is a weak one. Peace.
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  • Grace Dana Also, for the record.
    "Biblical marriage" was men selling their daughters for livestock.
    Have a love-filled day, people.
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  • Keegan Stough I need to step up my livestock game.
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  • Ryan Thompson It shouldnt even be a religious issue. Last time I checked seperation of church and state was still in the constitution
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  • Grace Dana I agree.

    For me, it's not the fact that people "oppose" gay marriage--just that doing so is consistently touted as "God's way." Plenty of Christians are in favor of gay marriage. So if we want to live in a safe, free country we need to provide for religious pluralism. Just freakin part of being an American.
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  • Ryan Thompson smile emoticon
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  • Andrew Lynn Gingerich Religion is man made. The idea of a man "god" on the clouds judging people is man made. And it is proven in texts that date way back to the beginning of Roman Catholicism used as a control for the masses. Every bible has different interpretations for e...See More
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    • Grace Dana Basically!! Spent a good two decades in church culture being taught all about the "godly" approach to X, Y, Z.. The irony being that each person had a completely different, contradictory "Biblical" approach--often ones that went against basic science, ...See More
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    • Grace Dana Like, people can believe whatever the freak they want, but America is about freedom and pluralism, not "being a Christian nation." So it's frustrating that people act as if the country's falling apart every time we progress towards that goal.
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    • Andrew Lynn Gingerich I could not agree more! I was raised catholic on my mothers side,and Mennonite on my fathers. And as a young child I sensed it was all wrong. More wars and bloodshed has happened over religion than anything else in history.
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    • Scott Wheeler
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  • Andrew Lynn Gingerich The idea that one needs to be married to be completely in love and faithful to another is quite an interesting concept of man.
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  • Scott Wheeler Virtually everything that Andrew Gingrich fella said is demonstrably false. That's all I have to say.
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  • Grace Dana The Bible's original concept for "marriage" was women being forced to marry their rapists, being sold as concubines, or into submissive/dominant abusive arrangements. 
    So marriage has already become subject of and redefined by American democracy.
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  • Scott Wheeler I'm not even talking about the "biblical marriage" discussion. I'm talking about the pompous screed that Gingrich dude wrote about religion. I mean seriously..."thou shalt not judge" isn't even in the Bible, much less the 10 commandments. I mean...d...See More
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  • Andrew Lynn Gingerich Agreed grace! Scott and Jordan are obviously religious so of course they will disagree. And we all have different opinions,I have no intention of forcing mine on anyone. That's what religion is for! wink emoticonScott,there is absolutely zero proof that anything...See More
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    • Scott Wheeler Andrew - you're such an idiot. The Bible is an ancient document. It should be studied as such. Your statement of what it says is as much a factual assertion as is a statement about what the 2nd sentence of Plato's Republic is. You invented a phrase and then claimed it to be part of the 10 Commandments. That's an assertion about something factual. It is, in fact, a false assertion
    • Scott Wheeler It would be like me claiming that John Smith shot Abraham Lincoln. Just, you know...read the documents that record Abraham Lincoln's assassination and you can tell I'm wrong. Well...just read the section of the Bible that lists the 10 commandments and we know you're wrong.
    • Andrew Lynn Gingerich You are correct about the Ten Commandments. That was a misquote on my part. Like 6:37 is a passage about "though shalt not judge" and there is also one in Romans. As far as the rest of your comment you shouldn't get so butthurt over someone else's opinion. It's a diverse world and if you cannot accept that,you will have much stress in your life kiki emoticon
    • Scott Wheeler The stuff you said about the reason pigs aren't kosher...absolutely not based on the text whatsoever. Did you know (of course you didn't...you've clearly never read Leviticus) that pigs are not even specifically mentioned as being unkosher when the ka...See More
    • Scott Wheeler Doesn't say "thou shalt not judge" so maybe the quotation marks should be avoided. It says, "judge not lest ye be judged." That's quite a bit different since it's not a command against judging as much as it is a warning that you'll be judged by the same measure. Again...do a little research.
    • Scott Wheeler The ironic thing about my being involved in this discussion is that I'm actually in favor of gay marriage politically...but your judgmental attitude toward religious believers made me respond to you.
    • Andrew Lynn Gingerich It's proven that pork gives parasites. Do your research. As far as Abraham Lincoln,you are snowballing a bit here. History is written by the victors,and as such anyone could have actually killed Abraham Lincoln as we are taught to believe what they wan...See More
    • Scott Wheeler Dude...you didn't respond at all to what I wrote. Pork is NOT EVEN MENTIONED SPECIFICALLY as being outlawed. It's outlawed in a secondhand way because of larger rules that also outlawed other animals, like those I mentioned above. But again...you wouldn't know that because you've never actually looked at the text. Anyway...did you also know that catfish, shrimp, clams, horses, spiders, ravens, and lobsters (along with hundreds of other animals) are outlawed WITH THE EXACT SAME SET OF LAWS as pork? My claim is that if "pork parasites" were the primitive reason for the law, then why make a law that outlaws hundreds of other animals at the same time instead of specifically just saying "don't eat pigs"?

      This has nothing to do with my being religious and your not. It has to do with INTELLECTUAL HONESTY with regards to treating other views fairly and with respect. I'm not, for instance, a Muslim. But that fact doesn't mean I should just lie about what Muslims believe and then bash those beliefs based on my caricatures of their beliefs. But you know...that's exactly what you're doing. You have a false belief about what religious folk believe, then you attack that false belief. Must be fun.
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    • Andrew Lynn Gingerich Haha! That's your opinion. Not fact. You are really wasting your time here with your novels! Have a nice night Scott! kiki emoticon
    • Scott Wheeler
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  • Andrew Lynn Gingerich Haha^ kiki emoticon
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  • Grace Dana Oh my god, everyone. Hahahahahaha. TODAY IS A DAY OF LOVE. You ain't celebratin if you're on here arguing. There will be no "idiot" slinging on my Facebook posts. Get out there and love some people!! Bye! Toodles! End of discussion!! smile emoticon
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  • Andrew Lynn Gingerich Lolol. I think scotts the only angry one here kiki emoticon isn't gay marriage about diversity? And are different opinions not diverse? He is completely entitled to having high blood pressure by choice. tongue emoticon
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  • Scott Wheeler Grace, this Andrew friend of yours is making me lose faith in humanity as a whole. You should explain to him that a true believer in diversity actually gives the smallest shit about what others believe.

    Anyway...in general I agree with your political opinion on gay marriage. Happy gay marriage day.
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  • Andrew Lynn Gingerich Hahaha. Omg bro,just stop. You poor thing.